Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation
School of Chemical Engineering

About Us

In 2012 the University of Queensland received a $10M donation from Dow Chemical Company, to establish the UQ Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation. Prof Eric McFarland was appointed inaugural director and a team recruited, who together with the advisory board developed a mission and strategy for the Centre. The UQ Dow Centre started operating in earnest from January 2014.

The UQ Dow Centre is a collaboration between three of UQ’s leading research and teaching organisations: School of Chemical Engineering, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology and the Global Change Institute. The Centre also works closely with the UQ Energy Initiative and Centre for Coal Seam Gas.

Key objectives

  • Create a globally relevant Centre of Excellence dedicated to sustainable prosperity.
  • Foster the generation of new ideas and opportunities for innovation in high impact processes for sustainable production and use of energy, water, food, commodities, and chemicals.
  • Develop and apply advanced quantitative methods for techno-economic, life-cycle, and sustainability analyses to new processes and opportunities for sustainable production and use of energy, water, food, and chemicals.
  • Promote education, communication, and cooperation globally to embrace evidence-based options and approaches to environmental and economic sustainability and recognize industry's key roles in enabling solutions.

Centre Strategy

  • Create environments and platforms to foster innovation to achieve sustainable outcomes
  • Identify and quantify potential game-changing processes and outcomes through rigorous techno-economic and sustainability analyses
  • Identify and help to overcome scientific and engineering barriers
  • Build global partnerships for education and research
  • Facilitate the development of future leaders in sustainable engineering
  • Use a multi-disciplinary approach to develop technologies and their translation into practice

Dow Centre Annual Reports  are available for downloading:  2014, 2015 and 2016