Dow Centre for Sustainable Engineering Innovation
School of Chemical Engineering

Fostering Innovation

The Centre is working to identify and support innovations and innovators with potentially sustainable solutions to the major challenges in energy, water, food and chemicals:

Pitches Program

Anyone with a new idea for potential solution to problem(s) associated with the sustainable production and/or use of water, energy or chemicals is invited to submit their idea to the UQ Dow Centre team. The process is simple and if you can convince the team it might work and have impact, we will help you further develop it and potentially provide you with financial support. More information.

Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award (SISCA)

In order to stimulate innovative thinking and sustainable practices Dow Chemical Company supports an annual student competition in several universities around the world. The UQ Dow Centre organises SISCA at the University of Queensland. Click here for more information or visit our Facebook page.

Workshop Sponsoring

The Dow Centre will support workshops that seek to promote or investigate technical innovations that contribute to sustainable production and use of energy, food, water, commodities and chemicals. This can be either by way of a financial donation or an in-kind contribution (for example by providing suitable space within our centre). For information on how to apply for funding, please refer to the Pitches Program and follow its submission guidelines.